Making a planning application

This page provides information and help on how to make a planning application.​

Before making an application, please read the advice on whether you need planning permission, along with details of our pre application advice service.

To view a current planning application please visit our online planning searches page.

How to apply

We recommend submitting your application electronically through the Government's Planning Portal.

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This website allows you to complete the application form online, attach plans and supporting documents. You can also create and buy site location plans, and pay the application fee using a credit or debit card. Once your submission is complete you can send it to us electronically for consideration.

Alternatively you can submit your application to us in paper form by post or by handing it over in person at the Planning Reception within the Council's Public Advice and Service Centre located on the second floor within the Liberty Shopping Centre, Romford between 9am and 11am. The Planning Reception is closed the last Wednesday in each month.

If making a paper submission we required two copies of all plans and documents for householder submissions and four copies for all other application types.

Which application form?

For help selecting the correct application form please visit the Planning Portal where the different types of permission are explained in detail.

You can download application forms and associated guidance notes from our application forms and validation checklists page.

Application fees

In order to submit a valid planning application, in most cases, a fee will be needed. You can calculate the fee using the Planning Portal fee calculator.

For paper based submissions, we no longer accept cash payments for planning applications. Card payments can be accepted either in person within our reception area located in the Public Advice and Service Centre.

You can pay by cheque, or by debit/credit cards. Please note the minimum amount we can accept by card payment is £5, and credit cards attract a 1.3% transaction charge. Cheques must be made payable to 'London Borough of Havering'.​

Guidance on submitting a valid application

For an application to be considered as valid by the Council it will need to include a range of information. Along with the appropriate application form and fee this will usually include documents such as plans, a location map and statements describing aspects of the application. These will vary depending on the details and scale of the proposals.

For an application to be considered as valid it must meet both national and local validation requirements. The national requirements establish a core and mandatory list of information required for a valid application. Local requirements are those which have been adopted by the Council and are also required for a valid application.

A checklist has been produced for each application type setting out both national and local validation requirements. The checklists can be viewed next to the relevant application form on our application forms and validation checklists page.

Once received, the application is checked by a planning officer to make sure we have everything we need to assess it. If anything is missing, we will either telephone you or write to the applicant (or the applicant's representative) explaining what else is required, normally within five days of receiving the application. If you include an email address on your application form we can also email you.

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