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Guidance for applying for job vacancies.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a job at the London Borough of Havering.

The London Borough of Havering uses a Competency Based Recruitment process using the principles of their Competency Framework to assess an applicant's suitability for a job.

The overall objective of any selection process is to identify the applicants who best meet the skills, abilities, experience and competencies outlined in the Job Profile.

As a result, it is the information contained in the application that will be used to assess an applicant's suitability to be interviewed for a role. It is therefore important that applicants fully demonstrate how they meet the key requirements of the vacant position.

Only application forms will be accepted when applying for a vacant position. CV's will not be considered as part of the process. This is to ensure that the selection process is fair to all applicants and to ensure applicants have the opportunity to demonstrate how they meet the specific requirements of individual roles.

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Please note: The London Borough of Havering is currently undertaking a review of employee terms and conditions, which is planned to be implemented by April 2017.

This means that the terms and conditions described in the job pack will be accurate at the time of appointment.

However aspects of those terms and conditions (including pay) could be subject to change following implementation of proposals arising from this review.

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Apprentice Opportunities


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Online application process

Personal information

We require this information so that we can contact you throughout the Recruitment process.

Application form

Please complete all the relevant fields associated with the job you are applying for.

Supporting statement

The supporting statement is for your opportunity to demonstrate how you meet the criteria in the Job Profile. The supporting statement will be used by the recruiting panel to decide whether to shortlist you on how well you meet each of the criteria in the Job Profile. They will not take account of unsupported statements, for instance 'I am a good communicator' or 'I am adaptable'. You will need to demonstrate how you are a good communicator and how you are adaptable with clear examples.

Before you submit your application form you should carefully read the Job Profile and ensure that you can provide sufficient evidence of the skills, abilities, experience and competencies required for the role.

It may be helpful to consider the following types of evidence when formulating your answers:

  • You can consider an everyday occurrence or special projects that you have undertaken
  • You can focus on a specific one-off incidence or on the results of sustained effort over a period of time
  • The achievements should be those that you have invested personal time and effort
  • If your examples evidence more than one key requirement, you should try and refer to them only once and give as many examples as possible
  • The experience should ideally be relatively recent
  • You can draw on evidence from any source, not just the workplace, if you can demonstrate clearly that it satisfies the experience or competence required

Good evidence should:

  • Be specific to the experience/competence
  • Specify the nature of the task and what you wanted to do
  • Explain what you did, why and how you overcame any particular difficulties and/or lessons learnt
  • State the outcomes and benefits
  • Avoid acronyms that may be unfamiliar to the panel
  • Not include any spelling and/or grammatical mistakes

Please review the information you have provided carefully.

Once you have selected 'Submit', your application will be sent directly to the recruiting manager.



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