Council Solar Park Proposals

Havering Council has put together an exciting new proposal to pioneer a solar park scheme in the borough. The proposal will generate clean, sustainable and renewable energy on a large scale. This means Havering could become the first London borough to produce energy in this way with additional benefits to the local area.

This initiative will generate significant extra income to improve and maintain services in Havering and improve facilities for residents.
One of the ways the Council is already doing this is by increasing the amount of renewable energy it can generate and use. Eight of the Council’s largest buildings now have solar panels installed which will produce a saving of £2 million over the next 25 years through smaller energy bills (see below).

The Council has put forward a proposal to develop two solar parks, one at Gerpins Lane in the south of the borough, and the other on land adjacent to Dagnam Park, in the north of the borough.

How will this benefit residents and local communities?

• Financial investment for residents – residents will be given the opportunity to secure a financial investment in the solar parks by receiving a better, long-term, financial return than would be possible from normal bank or savings accounts, making this a positive initiative for the Council, for the community and also for the environment.
• Community Fund for Dagnam Park – there will be a community fund set up using a portion of the revenue from the land adjacent to Dagnam Park site to maintain and improve the area for the benefit of local children and families.


​Public Consultation Extended

The council would like to have your views on this proposal and will take these views into consideration when creating any subsequent planning applications.  

Please email your comments by Monday 14 November 2016 to energystrategy@havering.gov.uk or write to: The Energy Strategy Team, Town Hall, Main Road, Romford, RM1 4BE.
Click on the leaflets below for further information on the sites.

Proposal 1: Gerpins Lane leaflet


Proposal 2: Dagnam Park leaflet


Existing Solar Panels on Council buildings

A recent report by Greenpeace (pdf) placed Havering as having the second highest percentage of solar power generated by homeowners in London, with over 1100 solar panel systems installed on domestic roofs.
Avelon centre solar panels
  Avelon Centre, Rainham

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panel systems, which convert sunlight into electricity even on cloudy days, have now been installed on the roofs of the Avelon Centre, Harold Hill Bowls Pavilion, Yew Tree Lodge, Hornchurch Library and Central Park Leisure Centre. The panels generate power that can be used every day within the buildings, meaning that the council has to buy less electricity.
Harold Hill bowls club
  Harold Hill Bowls Pavilion

These five buildings now join the four buildings which had solar panels installed previously; Havering Town Hall became one of the first Town Halls in the country to have solar panels installed back in 2006.

Yew Tree Lodge
  Yew Tree Lodge, Romford

In total the nine buildings are able to generate more than 450kW of energy, saving the council over £2million over the next 25 years through smaller energy bills and income from generating electricity.
  Hornchurch Library
  Hornchurch Library

Solar Parks Frequently Asked Questions

Page updated October 2016