Reporting anti-social behaviour

​Report it to us! The more information we have, the more likely it is we can do something to stop it. 

It's a good idea to jot down notes about incidents when they happen, so you don't have to rely on memory. 

Write down details you notice such as:


    • The date, and time of day
    • Where it happened - an address or description of the location
    • Details about the behaviour - what was done or said
    • Whatever you know about who did it. You may not know their address but can you describe them? Working out their identity makes a big difference to what we can do.
    • Roughly how long has this been going on and how often?
    The council has a 24hr ASB reporting line. Messages are recorded when no one is available to answer. Calls are checked on a daily basis. Please don't forget to leave a contact number.

    You can contact us:




    Remember, if something is happening that puts you or anyone else at risk, or threatens to damage property, don't wait to report it - call the police on 999.



    ASB on council estates

    Housing association tenants should contact their registered social landlord.

    Do it onlineReport

    Other contacts

    ​Alcohol sales to under 18s
    ​0345 040506​
    ​Drug advisory service 01708 796740​
    Neighbourhood Watch ​01708 779502
    ​Racial crime hotline ​01708 779293
    ​Racial harassment ​0800 138 1678
    Victim Support Havering ​01708 451000